Discover How He REALLY Feels About YOU!

In the next few minutes, you’ll go from totally confused about your man’s unexplainable behavior to knowing exactly why he does what he does, why he says what he says, what he is thinking when he says certain things, and whether he is lying to you or is telling the truth!


By Elaine M.D., a Professional Dating & Relationship Coach


Did you know that ALL men lie to the women they date, their girlfriends, and even their wives at one point or another?


Do you know when your man is telling you the truth and when he is lying to you?


And do you know whether you can TRUST HIM?




Wouldn’t it be cool if every man had a lie detector attached to his forehead so you could tell at any given point whether he is lying to you or is telling you the truth?


IMAGINE how much heartache, heartbreaks and tears you could avoid!


IMAGINE how much JOY and HAPPINESS you will have when you know EXACTLY when YOUR MAN IS TELLING THE TRUTH!


Perhaps you are dating a man who tells you he isn’t seeing anyone else. But do you know whether he is telling you the truth or is lying to you?


Your HOPES FOR THE FUTURE with this man can be shattered after you find his dating profile online!


Or maybe your man is EMOTIONALLY CHEATING ON YOU with his co-worker! But he is telling you she is JUST A FRIEND! And you are buying his lies!








~ If you want to know HOW HE REALLY FEELS ABOUT YOU...


~ If you want to find out WHAT REALLY HAPPENS when you are not around...


~ If you ever FEEL that sickening PAIN in your stomach when HIS WORDS AND HIS ACTIONS DON’T MATCH...


~ If you want to know whether HE IS JUST USING YOU or if he is TRULY IN LOVE WITH YOU...


~ If you really want to KNOW THE TRUTH about your man...

...then you will want to READ THIS PAGE!


FACT: You Can Waste Months and even Years of Your Precious Time Because Of The LIES He Is Telling You...


OR... You Can...


Get The TRUTH Out Of Any Man...In Any Situation...Even If He Never Says A Single Word!


Just think back to all those times when a man you were with lied to you. And, think about how much time or effort those lies ended up costing you... how much of your life was wasted because of somebody else's dishonesty...


No more!


At last... you can instantly know when the man you are dating, your boyfriend, or even your husband is telling you a lie... whether you've just met him or have known him for a very long time!


Look . . .


. . . Maybe you're a highly-intuitive and observant person... or maybe you sometimes feel like the most gullible person in the whole world . . .


. . . Maybe you've been cheated on before, and you didn't find out until it was too late...


. . . Maybe you got scammed in the past, by a convincing stranger...or maybe it was someone you thought you knew very well...


. . . Maybe you'd just like to know if someone is interested in (or attracted to) you before you make a move... before you do or say something that might make you look like a fool...


. . . Maybe you want to know when you're being lied to... by your friend or your lover...


. . . Or . . . maybe you're just the pro-active type...and you'd just like to prepare yourself before anyone tries to slip anymore lies past you...


Whatever level you think you're at right now, your "truth detecting" ability is about to leap to the next level!


Now, you can easily learn the "little-known" skills, know-how and techniques of...


~ How to become the equivalent of a "mind reader" so you can WHAT HE IS THINKING AND FEELING at all times... and REGAIN CONTROL in your relationship!


~ How to gain, or maintain, the upper hand in any relationship by knowing how to "read" the man you're dealing with!


~ How to read a man's body language, facial expressions, and other non-verbal signals to uncover his true intentions and feelings...even if he doesn't say a single word to you!


~ Learn to spot, and understand, your own body language so others won't be able to 'read' you!  (This can come in very handy during important negotiations)


~ Gain the trust, loyalty and respect of any man you date or have a relationship with by making them realize that you won't be fooled or taken advantage of!


Impress your friends by having them lie to you while you use your 'wisdom and powers of perception' to catch every lie that they attempt to slip past you.


And that's just the beginning of what you'll discover here!



"Read His Mind"

"Don’t Let Him Fool You!”

Exclusive Guide for Women


This special, revealing guide titled "Read His Mind" - "Don’t Let Him Fool You!” and the knowledge inside it will help you gain back control over any man!


You will discover knowledge that most people are completely unaware of.


It's the very reason why so many men lie to women they are with very often, and why women end up wasting so much of their lives because of men’s lies, cheats and scams.


This course is about to change all of that, by revealing some powerful "lie detecting" techniques -- so that you can get your power back!


And if you're already pretty good at spotting lies in others, you'll still find some cool, new tricks to become even better at 'reading' men!


There really is that a LOT of your relationship problems will go away completely when you finally harness the ability to spot lies easily and READ YOUR MAN’S MIND... by using these tips and techniques. And you can find them all here, in this exciting course...


Read His Mind E-Book Download


Here are just some of the things you will learn from this guide:


 How to find out if your guy is serious about you


 How to tell if he is cheating on you or is looking to cheat


 How to find out whether the guy you are dating is seeing other people


 How to tell if a man likes you


 How to tell if your guy is dating you exclusively and how to get the real honest truth even if he hasn’t brought up the conversation about exclusivity and commitment


And much more!


By using the techniques outlined in this guide you can find out the truth just about everything!




You could use these techniques to find out:


 If your man really likes you or is just using you


 If he really loves you or has a hidden agenda


 Whether he is telling you the truth when he says HE LOVES YOU






And a lot more!


Imagine How Much Power, Confidence and Control Will You Gain Back After You Discover These Powerful Techniques for Yourself Right Now!


Imagine how much your love life will change for the better!


Imagine enjoying the SECURITY in your relationship, CONFIDENCE from knowing that you can EASILY get inside of the mind of your man and KNOW EXACTLY WHAT HE IS THINKING at any given time!


No more frustration, confusion, fear and insecurities!


No more being used, taken advantage of or manipulated by anyone!




You deserve to know the truth!


Even if you trust the man you are with, you will FEEL a lot more SECURE in your relationship than ever when you know that he is telling you the truth!


And if he is deceiving you, you will find out that he shouldn’t be trusted saving yourself from future pain and heartbreak, and wasting years of your life on a liar!


Read what my private coaching clients say about the techniques outlined in this guide:


I was dating a guy for several weeks and things were going great that whole time. I had been to his house several times, we spent hours talking on the phone, and I met his teenage son. But something didn’t feel right.


Elaine recommended having a conversation with him about certain things that I was unclear about. She told me what to pay attention to, and what I should be watching for. She also told me that no matter what his responses were I should not, under any circumstances, let him know I was suspecting that he was not telling me the truth.


After getting some of the clues I discussed what he’d said with Elaine. She recommended that I dig deeper and investigate some of the things he’d said a little further.


It turned out that he was lying to me the whole time we were dating.


I found out that he was still married, only separated, with no papers filed. I also found out that while he was seeing me he was also TALKING TO HIS EX and they were trying to work things out between them to see if they could GET BACK TOGETHER!


When I had solid evidence I confronted him about it and he admitted that he was trying to get back with his ex!


It was a horrible discovery but I am GLAD I FOUND OUT sooner rather than later and was able to walk away from that relationship before I got deeply emotionally invested in him!


From now on, I am using the techniques Elaine taught me to SCREEN EVERY NEW MAN IN MY LIFE!



San Francisco, CA


AnnI used Elaine’s lie detecting techniques on my boyfriend on five years after he told me that after all of that time he still wasn’t ready to commit to marriage. I found out that secretly he had another girlfriend for two years at the same time he was with me!


I was devastated, but I am glad I finally found out before wasting another five years of my life on a cheater who was never going to commit to me!



Castro Valley, CA

LauraMy best friend told me that my boyfriend was constantly hitting on her when I wasn’t around, and that he’d asked her out on a date multiple times.


I was afraid to ask him about her allegations because I trusted him and didn’t want to seem jealous and insecure, but I wanted to know the truth. In fact, thinking that my friend may have been right I started to treat my boyfriend poorly which resulted in many arguments and fights.


At the end we almost broke up because of our fights. Luckily another friend recommended Elaine’s private relationship coaching services.


Elaine taught me some techniques on how to find out the truth from anyone, and I used them on my boyfriend and also on my best friend.


It turned out that my best friend was the one who lied to me about him hitting on her. I also found out that she was talking badly about me to other people and that she was very envious of my relationship with my boyfriend.


I had to end my friendship with my friend because she turned out to me a back-stabber. But my relationship with my boyfriend is much better now because I now very confident and secure in our relationship and his loyalty to me!


If it wasn’t for Elaine, I could have ruined my relationship because of my suspicion and trusting my friend who lied to me!



Pleasant Hill, CA


How much is it worth to you to KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUR MAN?


How many years of struggle, walking on eggshells, not knowing WHAT HE REALLY THINKS, HOW HE REALLY FEELS, and WHAT HE REALLY WANTS FROM YOU can you save by KNOWING THE TRUTH?


Knowing the truth about the man you are dating, the man you have a relationship with, the man you want to have a relationship with, and ever the man you are engaged or married to will give you SECURITY!


And that is PRICELESS!


And you can now have all the truth-revealing information right in front of you INSTANTLY and be reading it within minutes!


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I am sure you know that in marriage the partners finances merge.


There are SEVERE consequences to marrying a man who is DROWNING IN DEBT, has THOUSANDS IN CHILD SUPPORT ARREARS, or is NEAR BANKRUPTCY!


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